WeckMethod RMT Club

Improve Strength, Mobility & Function

Don't Take it from Us

Whether you are warming up, building strength, or rehabbing an injury, the RMT® Club is the first of its kind, multi dimensional tool designed to improve performance and maintain a healthy injury free body.

" The RMT® Club is truly one of the most versatile and unique training tools in the industry. From professional athletes to physical therapy patients, it provides a sensory enriched training stimulus that takes motor control and coordinated movement patterning to the next level. "

Dr. John Rusin

Sports Performance Physical Therapist
Owner of John Rusin Fitness Systems

" The RMT® Clubs will improve anyone's sport. Anyone who wants to strengthen their core and improve rotational movement WILL benefit from this training."

Sandi Clexton

Personal Trainer - Specializing in Strength & Mobility
Owner of Women's Core Fitness

RMT Club Range of Motion

The RMT® Club allows you to perform dynamic movements to build strength, enhance joint function, and achieve greater range of motion.

Increase Range of Motion

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RMT Club Mobility

Improve Mobility

Use the RMT® Club to improve and maintain joint mobility and stability in the shoulder girdle, as well as the entire body.

RMT Club - Injury Prevention

Prevent Injuries

The RMT® Club allows you to warm up dynamicially and maintain an injury free body - improving joint function and overall health.

RMT Club Handle

Reinforced Handle

The reinforced handle gives it the ability to withstand high intensity movement patterns and quick changes in direction.

Durable Club Head

RMT Club Head

The flexible durable club head gives it the ability to absorb maximum impact, allowing you to finish functional and ballistic movements.

Internal Shifting Weight

RMT Club Internal Shift

The internal shifting weight creates dynamic resistance and audible feedback for fluid movement patterns or intense resistance.

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The RMT® Club's unique design allows

you to build strength, create better

mobility & flexibility and prevent injuries.

RMT Clubs

Multiple Weight Options - choose from 2, 4, 6, or 8 lbs.
 (*We recommend 2-4lbs. for mobility training!)

RMT Club Mobility Videos

FREE Online Library of mobility training exercises using the RMT® Club

RMT Club Full Body Workout

A complete 40 minute RMT® Club workout